The Young and the Restless Spoilers for January 16-19: Dylan in Danger, Devon Suspects Hilary

The Young and the Restless spoilers
The Young and the Restless spoilers

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that the week of January 16 will see some more drama in the Genoa city. Sharon will be fretting over Dylan’s whereabouts and Devon begins to suspect Gloria following his accident.

The episodes will also see an awkward moment for Kevin, Chelsea and Victor while arranging a family meeting at The Tower. Can Dylan come out of his current predicament?

Dylan Gets into Dangerous Situation

Sharon cannot help but worry about Dylan who is  working for an undercover mission after learning that Kevin, Christine, and Paul cannot contact him in any way. She then learns Kevin can use the burner phone to contact Dylan as the last resort.  She finally manages to reach him by forcing the police department by making them use the burner phone.

However, as luck would have it, it comes to Dylan at the worst possible time. It puts him in a dangerous situation as he was trying to fake his identity.

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that someone will be holding Dylan at gunpoint while forcing him to come with him. The Blasting News reported that it could be Fisk, since he has been pleading to have a talk with him for some time.

Victor Promises to Find Dylan’s Killer

The promo reveals that Dylan is presumed to be dead. Victor gathers the entire family at The Tower. He vows to his wife Nikki to hunt down Dylan’s killer. However, it is not going to be an easy task, given Dylan’s murderer is most likely a drug lord.

Meanwhile, Phyllis and Ashley once again engage in a heated conversation. The argument might result from Phyllis’ decision to get in touch with Ravi. This may not go down well with Ashley.

Nick and Chelsea Have an Awkward Moment

The Soap Hub reported that Nick and Chelsea will end up in an awkward situation after their New Year’s Eve kiss. Chelsea suggests Nick that they be friends, to which Nick agrees. However, in an attempt to know her more, he tries to draw her closer, but Chelsea will resist.

According to The Young and the Restless spoilers, Devon’s suspicion will rise after he asks Hillary why she was not in the car with him. He might finally discover the truth about his accident and the fallout with his wife.

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Image Source: Twitter/ The Young and the Restless

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The Young and the Restless Spoilers for January 16-19: Dylan in Danger, Devon Suspects Hilary

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