The Young Pope Renewed for Season 2; Get to Know the New Pope

The Young Pope

The Young Pope is the new series of HBO network for the winter season. Many people have been creating chatter about the new series for many good reasons.

According to HBO Binge, The Young Pope has a stellar cast. These include Diane Keaton, James Cromwell, and Jude Law. Not to mention that it is led by Oscar Winner Paolo Sorrentino.

What to Look Forward on The Young Pope

The stars to helm the show are an enough reason to excite many people. In line with this, the new HBO series has a unique case because it already aired to several territories. In usual situations, it is not necessary to remind when a show is about to start or air.

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Amazingly, that is not the case with this new series. By a month, it preceded the entire lineup of HBO for Winter season. If viewers have not known yet, several television series will be released in January. The following were titled Crashing, Big Little Lies, and the final season of Girls.

There were two possible reasons why they released the series early. First, to put it on February premiere would be too much with all the release that is already scheduled. Second, the network is confident enough to release it on its own.

Moreover, the story talks about the new ‘hot’ pope in town, portrayed by Jude Law. He is greatly known as world’s Pope Pius XIII. His surrogate mother, Diane Keaton’s Sister Mary still considers him as Lenny Belardo.

This Machiavellian pope is strangely, an American. The series was already aired in Europe and its network gave a go for second season. Sorrentino’s helmed series is HBO’s joint production with Canal + and Sky Atlantic, Vulture reports.

Furthermore, the first installment is composed of 10 episodes. This pope’s journey for power did reasonably well overseas. This seems like its home network created another House of Cards saga. Furthermore, viewers will find out how it goes when The Young Pope premieres on Jan. 15, 2017.

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The Young Pope Renewed for Season 2; Get to Know the New Pope

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