The Young Pope Pius XIII Might Actually Be A Saint — Here’s What We Know

The Young Pope
The Young Pope

The Young Pope already had its premiere in Europe last October 21, 2016 on Sky Atlantic and is yet to grace HBO this coming Sunday. However, though the show had a strange and brilliant story execution, there are still who did not know what the story is actually all about.

What We Gather So Far

First of, The Young Pope is not purely about the Vatican but about the pope and his “revolutionary” way of changing the ways of church and people involved inside and outside of the house of God. Some see him as a saint while others see him as a sinner.

Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) is the first American pope ever assigned in the papal’s position. Unlike the previous leaders of the church, he is the youngest and probably, just like what the other characters describe him, the strangest yet the most unpredictable head of the church they have ever met.

Pius’ real name is Lenny Belardo, he is raised by Sister Mary (Diane Keaton). He is the former Archbishop of New York and he is probably in his mid-40s when he was elected as the new pope of the Catholic church.

Furthermore, some fans have commented that they somewhat thought that the “young pope” is a 21-year-old cool, party-type of pontiff, well…they are wrong. Variety says Pius XIII is “a very serious pope” to begin with.

Pius XIII, according to the aforementioned source, “decides to push Catholic Church in an extremely conservative direction.” Unlike our pope in the real world, Pius is openly homophobic, he doesn’t like public appearances, he is everything that people in the Vatican might actually hate as he “rules by fear.”

Moreover, if you expect that this new HBO-Sky series will somewhat show some “sex”, as per the same source report, the vicar of God “does not have a bunch of sex.”

Is He a Saint or Not?

This is what TV buffs have been dying to know, is he a saint or just someone who they believe as a saint?

Variety noted the possibility, however, there are times that he seems to be just making up things. In one scene, he even joked around about not believing in God (but who knows, maybe he really mean it. Jokes are half meant, always half meant).

Adding on to this “saint” issue, even Sister Mary says she sees Christ’s reflection in him. Another character also said that people believe he is a Holy man. Sometimes, he implies that he could be on a sacred mission.

As far as the other reports are concerned, it is still unsure why he was chosen as the papal and this alone, might be a work of God which adds up to the possibility that maybe, he is someone He sent for the people.

The Young Pope premieres on Jan. 15, 9 p.m. in HBO.

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Image Source: YouTube/Sky Atlantic

Video Source: YouTube/Sky Atlantic/HBO

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The Young Pope Pius XIII Might Actually Be A Saint — Here’s What We Know

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