The Young Pope HBO Show Brings Out Funniest Memes From Fans

The Young Pope HBO
The Young Pope

Who would have thought that The Young Pope HBO show will create a big impact on both the young and young at heart? Recently, the show brought out the funniest memes from fans.

According to reports, it’s not only the fans who enjoy The Young Pope HBO memes. The show’s director Paolo Sorrentino and actor Jude Law joins in too. Both of them even shared what they thought about it and surprisingly, they don’t mind the jokes at all.

Paolo Sorrentino on The Young Pope Memes

There are directors who will be in a bad mood when they find out that their masterpiece went down all the way to the meme hole. However, for Sorrentino it actually means a lot.

In Salon’s interview with Sorrentino, he admitted that the memes are actually “a good thing.” The TV director notes that it is always very important to get noticed.

“As long as there is irony on something, I think it’s always a good thing. This is a good thing because there are so many television series that, to be noticed, one way or another, it’s always very important. I’m happy that it is a meme on Twitter.”

“The Catholic Church has been, in history, one of the biggest producers of the spectacle.”

Jude Law on The Young Pope HBO Memes

On the other hand, The Young Pope lead Jude Law also has a say with all the viral memes of his character and the show, TV Guide reports. Like Sorrentino, the actor also admitted to enjoying all the jokes around HBO’s new limited series.

At first, the actor revealed that he’s not very familiar with what’s going on over the Internet. But, as he goes into New York and in Los Angeles for press tour he’s become very aware.

“Having become educated and now shown them, I’ve become very aware and I love them. They’re very funny. They’re very imaginative.”

However, there is a catch. Although Law thinks it’s enjoyable to see all the memes, he still hopes that it will not bury the true essence of the show.

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Image Source: YouTube/ Sky Atlantic

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The Young Pope HBO Show Brings Out Funniest Memes From Fans

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