Will Stiles Die in Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6

teen wolf season 6 episode 6

Stiles is still missing in action. But will his friend, Scott find him lifeless? Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6 might have the answers. But before that, there might be possible spoilers for the upcoming chapter so read at your own risk.

The events on the thriller-themed series are getting more intense as it reaches the next chapter. According to the Sneak Peek, the Alpha is trying to convince the Sheriff to find Stiles.

The Ghost Riders Got Stiles

However, as MTV presented the teaser for Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6, it appears that the Sheriff got mad. The official trailer, along with the title Sheriff Has Had Enough, the latter does not have any idea that Stiles is his son.

The show is yet to reveal the outcome of the conversation. However, it appears that Scott, Lydia, and Malia will be the ones to search for their missing friend.

According to the possible spoilers, Stiles’ asked Lydia to go to Canaan. She will fulfill his wish only to find out that it is a ghost town.

Then, a lady, who will later be identified as a banshee, will accept them as visitors. She would appreciate them at first, but might later turn into a vicious and an angry banshee later on.

Still searching for a clear answer in why Stiles wanted them there, the trio will see him in an empty train station. Unfortunately, the Ghost Riders hold him as a captive.

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Is it Death for Stiles?

For the avid viewers, being under these creatures means that he might not be able to escape alive. He must have been successful in communicating with Scott and the others, but after that, the darkness trapped him again.

Should that happen, therefore, the viewers might see his death in the hands of the Ghost Riders. On the other hand, another teaser from the aforementioned source revealed that the trio still needs to face the angry banshee.

Albeit, the trailers hint the upcoming events in Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6. However, the watchers might be able to find out about Stiles’ destiny when the show returns on January 3 on MTV.

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Will Stiles Die in Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6

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