When the Street Lights Go On Pilot: Status and Things to Know About This Series

When the Street Lights Go On pilot
When the Street Lights Go On photo from the Sundance Institute

Not many people may know about it, but in its early stages, Hulu’s When the Street Lights Go On pilot already managed to impress a few people. Here are things to know about the potential series that future viewers should take note of.

First important thing to know about this show is it doesn’t have a home for now. Originally a pilot for Hulu, Deadline reports that the streaming service decided to pass it on. Hence, the series is still in the process of looking for a new platform.

Second tidbit about the series is the person behind the title. Known documentary film director Brett Morgen serves as the show’s director and executive producer.

Finally, curious viewers would be thrilled to know that the pilot for When the Street Lights Go on screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Due to this, more details about the show’s premise have been revealed.

When the Street Lights Go On pilot

/Film‘s Peter Sciretta was able to watch the pilot at the festival. The report detailed that two more pilots screened alongside Street Lights–namely Shit Kids and Playdates. However, it was the pilot for the Hulu-commissioned series that impressed Sciretta the most.

The source describes the pilot as follows. “The coming-of-age story is set in the summer of 1983 and tells the story [of] a boy who discovers a young girl and a teacher murdered in a car in the woods. The show is about how these two murders have affected this town as school starts, and the murder investigation is underway.”

Sciretta praised the pilot’s impressive cinematic shot and its use of ’80s pop songs for its soundtrack. The writer also took notice of the actors’ potential in carrying the show.

Parenthood‘s Max Burkholder plays lead character Charlie Chambers. Adam Long, Ben Winchell, Graham Beckel, Kelli Mayo and Odessa Young also star.

Still, despite the show’s interesting premise, it has yet to find a home. Check back with GoshTV often in case the When the Street Lights Go Out pilot moves forward with a new home.

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Image Source: Sundance Institute Official Website

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When the Street Lights Go On Pilot: Status and Things to Know About This Series

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