Westworld Star Leonardo Nam Is Clueless about What Is Coming


Westworld star Leonardo Nam recently discussed his role in the series. Why does the actor feel that his character bears an uncanny similarity with the viewers of the show?

Leonardo Nam portrays the role of Felix in the series. He feels that his character is quite like the show’s viewers. That is because just like the show’s audiences, he gets to know the storyline as and when they are revealed.

Leonardo Nam Gets Breathing Room Like Other Cast Members

Entertainment Tonight noted that Nam has had played a crucial role during the escape attempt made by Maeve (Thandie Newton) in Season 1 of Westworld. Yet the actor feels he was unaware of the plot like the show’s viewers.

As far as  Season 2 is concerned, Westworld star Leonardo Nam says he is “interested to find out what they’re going to do”  just like the fans of the show. Nam wanted to share that though he is a member of the cast and watches the show on the TV, he is clueless about what is coming.

However, the actor does not feel his ignorance is a disadvantage. Nam feels that just because there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the series, the show’s production is quite intense.

He said that the ambiance gives all the cast members of Westworld including him some breathing space, International Business Times AU Edition reported. He was oblivious of the various twists in the plot just like his character Felix.

Westworld Star Leonardo Nam Praises Co-Star

Nam was also full of praises for his co-star Newton. The actor feels that Newton gave her best for her performance in Season 1 of Westworld.

Nam complimented the actress for being so professional and for being loving and affectionate. Nam added that the actress has given all her efforts for portraying her character in Season 1 and that was quite evident.

The actor thinks that the responses of the viewers to Maeve and the storyline have been pretty good. Moreover, Nam is grateful to be able to be associated with Westworld.

The best part is when the actor confessed that he becomes a bit shaky while acting with Newton. However, though he had been nervous, it was a wonderful experience for him. He told Entertainment Tonight, “She was just so wonderful, just so darling and really took me under her wing.”

The premiere date for Westworld Season 2 has not yet been confirmed. In Australia, Westworld Season 1 was aired on Foxtel.

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Image Source: Facebook/Westworld

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Westworld Star Leonardo Nam Is Clueless about What Is Coming

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