Westworld Season 2: Jimmi Simpson Says Dolores and William’s Story Is Over

Jimmi Simpson

Westworld has just wrapped up its first season on HBO. However, fans still cannot get over the big twist concerning William and the Man in Black. How will this insane connection affect Westworld Season 2?

The sci-fi western series gave HBO another hit as viewers lapped up the story of an amusement park populated by androids. The internet was soon awash with theories about Westworld and its denizens, but they were still shocked with the revelation about William. He is a guest who has fallen in love with Dolores and who actually is the Man in Black.

This revelation certainly changes how things will move forward in the show. One thing that fans want to know is whether this twist will allow actor Jimmi Simpson to return in Westworld Season 2 to reprise his role as William. TV Series Finale broke down some of the actor’s thoughts regarding his status next season.

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Will Jimmi Simpson Return in Westworld Season 2?

Jimmi Simpson has already admitted in interviews that he is not contracted for next season. However, the actor does not discount the possibility of his return, pointing out that there could still be stories to tell about William. After all, he has repeatedly returned to the park in search of Dolores.

Unfortunately for Dolores and William shippers, though, Simpson believes that the couple’s story has already been told. And such a tragic story it was too as the young man went through hell and high water just to find Dolores. But when he finally did, the android had no memory of him.

Viewers might have been shocked by the connection between William and the Man in Black, but it appears that Jimmi Simpson had known about the twist for months. According to the actor, he first had inkling that William was the Man in Black when the make-up artist tried to change his eyebrows. He soon figured out that he would eventually morph into Ed Harris’ Westworld character.

Westworld came to a stunning conclusion on Dec. 4, Sunday, on HBO. Westworld Season 2 will not be back until 2018. But when it returns, viewers can expect more exciting twists from this sci-fi-packed HBO drama.

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Photo Source: Facebook | Westworld

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Westworld Season 2: Jimmi Simpson Says Dolores and William’s Story Is Over

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