Westworld Creator Confirms Season 1 Finale Fans’ Theory on Freewill


Westworld creator has confirmed one major fan theory in season 1 finale.

During the Westworld panel at the PaleyFest, co-creator Jonathan Nolan admitted that fans have nailed their theory about Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) action towards the end of the first season. It can be recalled that Maeve was supposed to leave Westworld in season 1 finale.

However, the host changed her mind after realizing that she programmed to escape the park and head to the real world. Maeve jumped off the train before it departed to search of her daughter, which Felix said resides somewhere in the park.

It was unclear then whether Maeve made the decision to get off the train was her own freewill or it was part of her programming. It turns out it was a real defiance on Maeve’s part and she was the first among the hosts to do so.

Nolan revealed it was indeed Maeve’s free thinking and was not part of Ford’s programming. Entertainment Weekly quoted Nolan telling the audience in the convention:

“I’ve been waiting for the message boards on Reddit to tell us. The way that we designed it and the way we shot it … that is really the first decision she’s ever made. For me, it’s a very emotional moment in the episode because you’re seeing the first freewill.”

Nolan, however, remained tight-lipped on questions whether Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) had also achieved the same freewill as Maeve. At the end of season 1, Dolores shot Ford (Anthony Hopkins).

Westworld Season 2 Storyline

The show’s executives remained mum about the storyline of the second season. Nolan instead joked that season 2 will be musical.

As for the theory of Samurai world or other theme parks in season 2, Nolan dodged to confirm it as well. All he can assure is that season 2 will be as exciting as the previous installment.

Co-executive producer Roberto Patino, on the other hand, offered some hints. He said:

“There will be a story, and it will f**k with the metaphysical at some point.”

Newton will reprise her role in Westworld season 2. Other cast members who are also confirmed to come back are Ed Harris(Adult William/Man in Black), Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard), and  Talulah Riley (Angela). It is still unclear if Ford will appear in the upcoming season.

The producers also declined to say when production for the second season would actually start.

Westworld season 2 is expected to return in 2018.

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Image Source: HBO/Westworld

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Westworld Creator Confirms Season 1 Finale Fans’ Theory on Freewill

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