The Walking Dead Season 7B: Who Will Kill Negan?

Following the heart-rending deaths of Glenn and Abraham in the The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere and the terror and mayhem that Negan brought over Alexandria, there is only one thing that the people want – to take down Negan and bring back liberty and peace in Alexandria.

But to do that, Rick’s group would be needing reinforcement. The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason finale gave viewers an indication of this happening in the second half of the season as the episode showed Rick’s group appearing at The Hilltop and reuniting with the rest of the group – Maggie, Sasha, and Daryl (who came back with Jesus). This clearly signifies an approaching alliance between The Hilltop Colony and the Alexandrians.

On the other hand, The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 9 trailer gave viewers a preview of Rick in The Kingdom, urging King Ezekiel to go to war against The Saviors. The trailer did not tease on the Oceanside community, but a union with this fierce all-female group is not far-fetched, especially that they possess the necessary guns and ammunitions that can help Rick and the rest in their attack against Negan and his men.

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Based on this, viewers can now anticipate the story arc for the next episode of AMC’s hit survival series. But aside from next episode’s plot, everyone is also dying to know the answer to one and probably the most important question – who will kill Negan?

Eugene Porter

Eugene may have lied about being a scientist and may not have survival skills, but as spoilers suggest, he is a strategist. And now that he has been taken by Negan, he could create a device that may take him down. But if rumors are true about him taking the iconic Holly death from the comics, then his days in the show are numbered.

Daryl Dixon

With the guilt he feels for causing Glenn’s death, Daryl might be the one to avenge his friend’s killing. And after being tortured, both physically and emotionally, it would be a pleasure to see him return the favor.

Maggie Rhee and Sasha Williams

If close connection to the deceased is the only consideration, these two women are the best candidate to assassinate Negan. Sasha has been very expressive in her desire to kill Negan, and Maggie is rumored to build an army and lead and eventually introduce Negan to his end.

Rick Grimes

When he told Negan, “I’m gonna kill you, not today, not tomorrow, but I’m gonna kill you,” who can say Rick did not mean it? If he says he is going to kill Negan, fans can expect the sheriff to be true to his word.

But if the show would stay true to the comics’ plot, then Rick will not kill Negan. Upon defeating Negan, Rick will take Negan as prisoner and jail him for life. And this event may have been foreshadowed in The Walking Dead Season 6. Remember the prison cell that Morgan built? This may be the same cell that they will use to incarcerate Negan.

But all these are mere speculations. Whether Negan will be killed or not or who would kill him, viewers will probably find some answers when The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 airs on Feb. 12, 2017 (US premiere), and Feb. 13, 2017 (international premiere).

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The Walking Dead Season 7B: Who Will Kill Negan?

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