The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Rick Grimes May Form Alliance; Negan’s Evil Acts to Continue

The Walking Dead

What made Andrew Lincoln too excited after he read the finale of The Walking Dead Season 7? Fans of the show are curious to know how the seventh season will end.

Negan’s Evil Acts Are Not Yet Over

The first eight episode of Season 7 were full of humiliation and suppression for Rick Grimes. So, one wonders why the actor appears to be so happy with his role.

Is it because Rick emerges victorious by eventually killing Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)? Though there is no doubt that many audiences would love to see Negan in a submissive form as Daryl’s character gets the better of him, there is a  possibility of that not happening.

Now, it can be said with certainty since Morgan is already in for the show’s Season 8. Moreover, the role of the character in the original comics is even more important than the way he is portrayed on television.

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Rick Grimes Meets King Ezekiel for Alliance

As per a report by comicbook, the promo trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7B has teased a meeting between Rick Grimes and King Ezekiel. Rick comes up with a suggestion to align the Kingdom, the Hilltop and Alexandria to form a joint army to fight the Saviors and Negan.

So, Season 7 can end with another key battle between Rick’s army and Negan’s Saviors. Meanwhile, The Spoiling Dead Fans had teased some pictures that appear to be from the final hours of the shooting.

There seem to be explosions and heavy smoke on the set. Does that mean the show’s final moments will have a fierce battle between Negan and Rick for sure?

In other news, according to Den of Geek, Andrew Lincoln mentioned that viewers should be ready for “a lot more levity in Mr. Grimes” when the second part of The Walking Dead Season 7 begins.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 7B at 9 p.m. ET on February 12 on AMC.


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The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Rick Grimes May Form Alliance; Negan’s Evil Acts to Continue

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