Voltron Season 3 Release Date Confirmed, More Seasons Possible

Voltron season 3 release date

The second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender may have wrapped up only a month ago, but the next season is already on the lineup. An announcement for the Voltron season 3 release date recently surfaced.

Den of Geek reports that Voltron fans at the New York Toy Fair were first to discover the release date of the animated show’s next season. Apparently, a poster for the series at the event noted a September 2017 return.

With this, the cycle also appears consistent given that season one and two came out seven months apart. Season 3 premiering in the fall also brings season two and three about eight months apart.

Although there is no exact date yet, fans looking forward to the new season now have a concrete timeline. With a release month known, it is only a matter of time for an exact date to accompany it.

Voltron Season 3 Release Date and Beyond

Aside from the Voltron season 3 release date, fans also gathered other information from the fair. Den of Geek relays that season 3 will consist of thirteen episodes.

Meanwhile, more Voltron content is also coming to Netflix outside of the third season. The source details that “ten episodes of Classic Voltron would premiere on Netflix in March with ‘new content added.'”

Den of Geek is not sure about what the new content could be. However, the source speculates that the content may include deleted scenes or behind the scenes info.

In addition to the announcement of season 3, it seem fans can look forward to more Voltron: Legendary Defender in a long time. Den of Geek reports that the animated series has a 78-episode commitment from Netflix. If the show continues to have 13 episodes per season, then Voltron could run until season 6.

Voltron Season 2 Review

A renewal for Voltron: Legendary Defender seems to be a no-brainer given the positive reception of the series from viewers and critics alike. Currently, the series holds an 8.4/10 rating from IMDB.com while it boasts of a 9/10 score from TV.com.

The recently released season 2 also earned good reviews. Jesse Schedeen of IGN India offered the following:

Voltron was and still is a terrific update of the classic ’80s toy property/cartoon. Season 2 has all the same strengths as the first, and even manages to improve in a handful of areas as the show continues exploring the ongoing battle between the five Paladins and the tyrannical Emperor Zarkon (Neil Kaplan).”

Are you excited for the Voltron season 3 release date? Share your thoughts on the series in the comments below.

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Image Source: Flickr/Michael Miller via Creative Commons

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Voltron Season 3 Release Date Confirmed, More Seasons Possible

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