The Voice Season 13: Fans to Boycott Show If Adam Levine, Blake Shelton Leave

The Voice Season 13
The Voice Season 13


The Voice Season 13 fans started calling out for NBC’s attention to not let Adam Levine and Blake Shelton leave the show. If the network will not work it out, fans will boycott the singing competition.

Season 12 has not started yet but season 13 is now getting a lot of controversies. It all started with reports that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will not be part of the thirteenth season anymore.

For the upcoming first season of 2017, Paul Telegdy, the president of Alternative and Reality Group at NBC Entertainment, said in a statement that Miley Cyrus will not be present in season 12, E! Online said.

Miley Cyrus Returns for Season 13

Season 12 will be comprised of Levine, Shelton, and Alicia Keys. It will also see the comeback of Gwen Stefani, People said.

“With Miley returning for season 13 we’re truly ecstatic about the unmatched musical know-how and talent coming together in our coming seasons,” he said. However, fans began to wonder if Levine and Shelton will still return for season 13.

Fans to Boycott The Voice Season 13

It all started when a fan hit back to NBC for allegedly axing the two in the show for the upcoming season. He then threatened that fans of the show will boycott them. The fan also said that season 13 should just be cancelled if the judges will not return.

“Dear @NBCTheVoice, as you’re largest Fan account on twitter I warn you that if these rumors about Blake and Adam leaving Season 13 are true,” a Twitter user After the Voice said. “@NBCTheVoice then you better be prepared for the worst. These fans want Adam and Blake, thats what the show is! Choose wisely,” he added.

This tweet, that quickly escalated online, was able to gather a lot of fans’ attention. As a result, they all called out NBC to cancel the show or else they will boycott it. Another fan said, “@AfterTheVoiceUS @NBCTheVoice NO ONE can replace Blake and Adam, I would just not bother watching. What would be the point?”

Some also said that Levine and Shelton are the reason why fans watch the NBC reality talent show. “@AfterTheVoiceUS @NBCTheVoice if Blake and Adam leave for season 13 I will not watch anymore. They are the reason I watch. Cancel it then,” a fan with a handle name Katzer99 said.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Christina Aguilera will replace Levine and Shelton after sitting out of the show for two seasons. Check out other fans’ sentiments over The Voice season 13 here.

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Image Source: Facebook/ The Voice

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The Voice Season 13: Fans to Boycott Show If Adam Levine, Blake Shelton Leave

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