The Voice Season 12 Episode 6 Sneak Peek: Country Singer Earns 4-Chair Turn

The Voice season 12 episode 6
Valerie Ponzio

Another promising talent earns a four-chair turn in The Voice season 12 episode 6. A sneak peek emerged showing the contestant’s piece that swept the coaches away.

TV Insider shared the early preview from NBC which shows country singer Valerie Ponzio’s performance. The El Paso, Texas native gives her rendition of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

It’s not long after Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani all press the I Want You button for her. TV Insider quotes Levine in praising the singer, “You are the most well-rounded singer, I think for this particular panel of judges, that I’ve really kind of ever heard. Amazing!”

However, it seems the Maroon 5 front man has some tough competition in Gwen Stefani. Ponzio revealed she was a big fan of the Underneath it All songstress. With this, Stefani exclaims the following, according to TV Insider:

“That’s crazy ’cause I’m actually obsessed with you now and I would love to work with you!”

Viewers will find out who Valerie Ponzio picks in The Voice season 12 episode 6. The two-hour episode airs this Monday.

The Voice Season 12 Episode 6 Getting to Know Valerie Ponzio

Prior to the episode’s airing, fans may want to know more about this particular contestant. 2 Paragraphs shared some details about Valerie Ponzio. Here’s what the source gathered:

“In El Paso, Val performs with a band called the Southern Line. Her website says about Southern Line and Val that ‘like a train running through a living room, Val and her band power through songs of loss, love and raising your glass to the hope of tomorrow.'”

The source adds that fans may learn more about the singer through social media. Ponzio’s Instagram has the handle @valerieponzio while doing a search using the hashtag #ValPal will return tidbits about her.

Coaches Play Who’s Who

Despite their busy schedules on The Voice, coaches still have time to goof around. They proved this while playing Who’s Who. The goofiest questions earned the most interesting answers from the coaches.

One of the questions asked who they would want to style them. While Adam, Alicia and Blake all answered they want Gwen, Gwen said she’d love Blake to style her since she’s curious what he wants her to wear. Blake then quipped she’d want Gwen to wear “very little.”

For the rest of the fun, watch the video below. Meanwhile, catch The Voice season 12 episode 6 airs on March 13 at 8 p.m. in NBC.

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Image Source: Instagram/Valerie Ponzio

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The Voice Season 12 Episode 6 Sneak Peek: Country Singer Earns 4-Chair Turn

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