Viral Sensation Top Priority for Dr. Rhodes in Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 15

Chicago Med season 2 episode 15
Chicago Med

Dr. Connor Rhodes is thrust into the limelight in Chicago Med season 2 episode 15. Hence, the pressure is on him to make sure the patient stays alive.

The latest episode of Chicago Med titled Lose Yourself will feature an interesting group of patients entering the Emergency Room at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. A notable mention is the viral sensation case of Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell).

However, Dr. Rhodes is not the only one with problems. Dr. Choi (Brian Tee), Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and Dr. Reese (Rachel DiPillo) have their hands full as well with equally challenging cases of their own to handle.

Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 15 Synopsis

Dr. Rhodes treats a patient whose accident has become a media sensation. Meanwhile, April befriends a young woman with a failing heart; an infection in a paralyzed patient poses problems; and a grieving widower relies on a superhero costume.

Carter Matt recalled the earlier high-profile case Dr. Rhodes handled this season on episode 11, Graveyard Shift. Yet, the pressure appears to be greater now owing to the media buzz surrounding his latest patient. Apparently, the man’s accident became a viral sensation.

The details of his mishap are unclear. Although it would appear it was miracle he was able to get to the hospital after it. Hence, it had to have been extraordinary in order to get so much attention. Consequently, it puts pressure on Dr. Rhodes to make sure the patient has a happy ending.

Then again, there might be no reason to worry. Previously, Colin Donnell himself assured TV fans the panda was all right. So, possibly, his viral sensation case would have the same outcome.

Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 15 spoilers also highlight Dr. Reese and her struggle to help a grieving widower who has become reliant on a superhero costume. This time around, Dr. Reese has an opportunity to get more involved in psychiatry and be able to help more people because of it. Nurse April also has her time to shine as she helps Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) revive a 25-year old woman who has not been feeling well.

Chicago Med in One Chicago Crossover Event

Of course, Chicago Med is part of hashtag #OneChicago crossover. Though the series does not air on a Wednesday, earlier reports teased of the appearances of cast members throughout the three-hour block.

The behind the scenes look from TV Guide revealed fans could expect to see Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead. Interestingly, stars Amy Morton and Marina Squerciati from Chicago PD revealed Chicago Med has the best craft service among the franchises.

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Image source: Facebook/Chicago Med

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Viral Sensation Top Priority for Dr. Rhodes in Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 15

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