Vikings Season 4 Paves Way to New King in Season 5; Plot May Not Focus on Ragnar

Vikings Season 4
Vikings Season 4

Vikings Season 4 has finally returned to the History Channel and heralded a shift in direction for the show. An older and more vulnerable Ragnar appears to be on a mission to make amends and right certain wrongs. The question now is how his return will impact Kattegat and his sons.

The midseason premiere of Vikings Season 4 saw Ragnar informing his sons of his decision to return to Wessex and avenge the slaughter of the Viking settlement there. He also visited Lagertha and admitted to his ex-wife the regrets of letting her go. Viewers were also treated to a poignant moment between the Kattegat king and his longtime friend, Floki.

More importantly, Vikings fans learned more about Ragnar’s now grown sons. While viewers are familiar with Bjorn Ironside, now they know the dynamics between brothers Ubbe, Sigurd, Hvitserk and Ivar. It was also a powerful introduction to the crippled Ivar, as he is shown to be equal parts cunning, cruel and vulnerable.

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Who Will Be the Next King of Vikings Season 4?

The second half of the season teases a new influx of characters, as well as the rumored demise of Ragnar. The old king certainly seems to be tired of everything and ready for death’s sweet release. His attempt at dying might have failed, but it paved the way for his return to Wessex.

The historical Ragnar was thrown in King Aelle’s infamous snake pit, and fans are expecting to see the same. There are even speculations that Ragnar’s death will happen in the finale of Season 4. This will certainly set up an even more intense fifth season.

Gamenguide reported that Vikings Season 5 will provide fans with exciting twists and a new king. Show creator Michael Hirst had been vocal about the show eventually shifting the focus away from Ragnar and on to his sons. After all, Bjorn eventually became the king of Sweden, while Ivar the Boneless is historically more successful than his father and brothers combined.

Vikings Season 5 is still months away, though. However, production for the season is said to have already begun. In the meantime, fans should just sit back, relax and enjoy the current Vikings Season 4.

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Vikings Season 4 Paves Way to New King in Season 5; Plot May Not Focus on Ragnar

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