Vikings Season 4: Josh Donaldon Joins Next Week’s Episode

Vikings, Josh Donaldson
Vikings, Josh Donaldson

The third baseman of Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, Josh Donaldson will be part of the upcoming episode of Vikings Season 4.Will he be leaving the baseball team to pursue a career in acting?

A report from Global News suggested that Josh Donaldson enjoys as he shot his scenes for Vikings season 4. He opened up about his thoughts regarding his character in the said installment.

Josh Donaldson Enjoyed The Production

“It was awesome,” the professional baseball player says. “I had a great time there, the actors and the actresses were very welcoming to me and kind of helped me out. I guess they were excited for me to be out there and I was excited to be there as well.”

Donaldson admits that he felt the cast and crew of the show made him feel welcome in the set. The report even claimed that Donaldson is one of the reasons why Blue Jays is back in the baseball spotlight once more. Perhaps, having lots of Canadian cast member helped Donaldson in his role in the new season.

The baseball player also states that he had some help from his coaches when it comes to his lines. “They had a couple of people on set that were, I guess acting coaches,” Donaldson admits, “honestly I tried to be myself as much as possible in the role, minus I was talking a bit differently.”

However, the 31-year-old baseball player says he was upset that Fimmel was not on the set when he visited and he wanted to meet him.

“I went there expecting to meet [Travis Fimmel],” he shares. “He was not there and they kind of told me about what was going on and I was a little upset that I did not get to meet him.”

Toronto Sun also unveils that Donaldson says working on the show was a great opportunity for him. Donaldson is a huge fan of the History channel and even the series.

Donaldson is not in any battle scenes in the Vikings season 4 episode next week. He also refused to talk about any spoilers related to the upcoming episode.

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Image Source: Facebook/Vikings

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Vikings Season 4: Josh Donaldon Joins Next Week’s Episode

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