Vikings Season 4 to Face New Saga, Michael Hirst on Ragnar’s Death

Vikings Season 4
Vikings Season 4

Vikings Season 4 Wednesday episode gave fans the expected surprise but unwanted, Ragnar Lothbrok’s death. Avid followers of the show knew that this day has to come.

Last Dec. 28, Lothbrok died. But it is already a usual bold move done lately – killing the viewers’ favorite character. However, Screener noted the huge difference between the franchise and The Walking Dead, or perhaps, Game of Thrones.

How Vikings Season 4 Stands Out

History network has been the home of Vikings for many years. One can consider it as the only unchangeable detail whenever Michael Hirst starts to write scripts for the episodes. In line with this, Hirst stated since the beginning that the series will not only be about Ragnar’s journey, but also his sons.

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In the story, the audience saw that despite Ragnar’s admirable legacy, his sons have continued the Vikings mission way far than he had achieved. While the death of the show’s star gave a hard time to know what is next, Hirst continues to walk a thin line between historical events and keeping the viewers engaged into his fictional stories. Still, with Ragnar’s goodbye, it may take some time to keep the fans glued again to the show.

Ivar the Boneless Leads

The above-mentioned outlet adds that Ivar the Boneless may certainly lead the Great Heathen Army. In another report, although fans wanted Ragnar to stick a bit longer, he was originally destined to die after Season 1. That is, if series creator Michael Hirst followed the material source.

Meanwhile, one of the would-be King of Kattegat’s fears is when his sons became more famous than him. And two of them did, including Bjorn and Ivar. Will the latter become his father’s successor? Fans will soon find out. For now, his sons’ first instinct is to achieve vengeance after their father’s death.

Moreover, Hirst talked about his sentiments after Ragnar’s death. He was attached in creating the character as well as to the one who portrayed the role, Travis Fimmel. Furthermore, as fans mourn for this tragic story, Vikings Season 4 will return on Jan. 4, Wednesday.

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Vikings Season 4 to Face New Saga, Michael Hirst on Ragnar’s Death

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