Vikings Season 4 Episode 17 Sees Ragnar’s Son and the Great Heathen Army

Vikings Season 4 episode 17
Vikings Season 4

Vikings Season 4 Episode 17 will see Ivar plotting his revenge for the death of his parents, Ragnar and Aslaug. Ivar, along with Ragnar’s other sons, Sigurd and Ubbe, are assembling an army to avenge his father’s death.

Based on the promo, it appears that Ivar will lead the army (and it turns out to be one of the greatest Vikings ever). The promo also indicates that it is time for the Great Heathen Army to have its appearance.

Vikings Season 4 Episode 17 Spoilers: Ivar Preparing to Avenge His Parent’s Death

According to the written history, the Great Heathen Army was formed in order to avenge the killing of Ragnar. Showrunner Michael Hirst told Variety that this time, all of Ragnar’s sons will be a part of the Great Heathen Army.

Ivan Kaye’s King Aelle killed Ragnar by throwing him into a pit filled with snakes. The time has now come for Ivar to prepare to avenge his father’s death and that of his mother Aslaug’s as well.

Episode 17 has been titled The Great Army. The episode will see Princess Judith warning King Aelle of the consequences of killing Ragnar. But, the king assures her that he is fully prepared for what may come. Thus, she has nothing to worry about.

Ivar Appears Determined to Kill Lagertha

The promo shows Ivar trying to get to his father’s first wife Lagertha who took hold of Kattegat after killing Aslaug, the Econo Times reported. He is determined to kill Lagertha as well for causing his mother’s death.

Ivar asks his brother Ubbe if they want to let Lagertha escape the punishment. To this, the latter replies that they won’t and asks, “Why are we waiting?”

In the previous episode, Lagertha took up the responsibility and the burden of rule after learning that Ragnar has died, the Entertainment Weekly reported. “Ragnar hated it… It weighed him down, perhaps it even killed him,” she told Astrid. At the same time, she was aware that she must not let down the shieldmaidens who stood by her in the battle.

Vikings Season 4 episode 17 will air on January 11 at 9 p.m. ET on History.

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Photo Source: Instagram/ Vikings on History

Video Source: YouTube/ Television Promos

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 17 Sees Ragnar’s Son and the Great Heathen Army

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