Valentine’s Day 2017: Things to Watch When You’re Feeling a Date Indoors

Valentine's Day 2017
interior of a cinema by Alexandre Chassignon

A dinner out on a fancy restaurant may seem like the norm for a date, but keeping it low-key could also be the better choice for some. People planning an indoor Valentine’s Day 2017 celebration should check out the best films to watch this love day.

There are a number of options for different types of people. Nevertheless, the available selection is huge which allows for better decision-making.

For majority of people planning a date or “me time” at home, Netflix is the ultimate best friend. Good films are available from the streaming website this whole month of February.

A perfect film for the whole family is Zootopia. The animated film which hails from Disney Animation tells the story of rabbit Judy Hopps who pursues her dream of becoming part of Zootopia’s law enforcement.

However, Judy discovers that it’s not easy after all as being a rabbit seems to hinder her from opportunities and exploring her full potential. The fun-filled movie will not only offer enjoyment for the kids but it will also instill some important lessons.

Meanwhile, for people looking for something a little darker, Adam Wingard’s The Guest will serve a different twist to people’s Valentine’s. People looking to avoid the mushy rom-coms common to this season of love will enjoy this thriling piece.

For people looking for some laughs, Magic Mike is also available for streaming this month. Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Munn, and Matt Bomer could also be reason enough to watch the film.

Finally, for people still looking for the usual love stories to go with the day’s theme, Titanic, The Notebook and You’ve Got Mail make this month’s list of love stories. Couples or a group of friends could marathon all these films complete with a dessert party.

Giving Valentine’s Day 2017 a Major Twist

Nevertheless, there are a few people who would rather go out of the norm to celebrate their Valentine’s. One of the best ways to do this is to completely ignore the love stories and go for the unconventional instead.

Squads looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day together could go for a horror movie marathon. The Huffington Post even compiled a list of ten films best to view this love season.

Among the standouts from the list include Hush, It Follows, and Stephen King’s Cujo. The common denominator from these three films is their simple and straightforward formula.

Hush tells the story of a deaf and mute woman trapped in her own home with a killer out to get her. Meanwhile, It Follows takes a terrifying twist on the repercussions of casual sex. Finally, Cujo tells the story of rabid St. Bernard who will stop at nothing to kill everyone in town.

Which films will you be watching this Valentine’s Day 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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Image Source: Flickr/Alexandre Chassignon via Creative Commons

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Valentine’s Day 2017: Things to Watch When You’re Feeling a Date Indoors

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