Valentine’s Day 2017 Special: 4 TV Couples That Made You Feel All Sorts of Things

Valentine's Day 2017

It is Valentine’s Day 2017 and as the usual saying goes–love is in the air. The thing about love is it transcends a number of planes and platforms, including fiction. Hence, even couples of TV shows can make its viewers feel the deepest of emotions.

Though there is a very long list of couples to grace people’s TV screens, there are still some who stand out. These pairs come from different genres. After all, love is ever present whether the show be about crime, a political drama or a sitcom.

Moreover, these couples elicit the most extreme emotions from their fans. Some may be pleasant, but some also make people wonder why these pairs got together at all.

The Couple Who’ll Make You Scratch Your Head in Wonder

Most couples begin a relationship out of love. However, when things get awry, couples usually do the right thing and stay away from each other instead.

That does not seem to be the case with Annalise Keating and her husband. Season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder showed Sam Keating’s death. Later on in the season, it is revealed that Annalise helped her students cover up their crime.

However, even before Sam’s death, the couple already has been going through rough patches. Sam himself was involved in an affair with a student.

Given their twisted arrangement, E! Online includes them in their list of TV’s Worst Couples Ever. Fans who would rather ship Annalise with Nate will certainly agree.

The Duo Who Made You Realize that Even the Most Compatible People Don’t End Up with Each Other

Fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. will consider Joey and Phoebe the couple that never was. Although the plot of the show never really suggested something romantic between them, that did not stop fans from dreaming of them to get together.

When Phoebe told everyone she was pregnant, Joey offered to marry her. Meanwhile, when Phoebe was craving for meat during her pregnancy, Joey offered to abstain and “take her place” as a vegan so Phoebe won’t feel guilty in breaking her lifestyle.

The Pair Who Proved that Everything is Worth It in the End

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, it might have taken six seasons for Big and Carrie to get together, but in the end it was all worth it. Their story even made it to the big screens with Sex and the City The Movie and its sequel.

Valentine’s Day 2017 Couple: The Lovebirds Who Proved Your Partner for Life Makes the Greatest Best Friend

How I Met Your Mother‘s Lily and Marshall may have had challenges in their love story, but they remain as one of the strongest–let alone, coolest–couples in TV history.

There was a point in their lives where they wanted to pursue their dreams. For Lily, it was moving to Rome for her art. Meanwhile, it was a major job offer for Marshall.

In the end, the couple found a way to make it work by supporting each other. They also built an adorable family in the process.

Which TV couple do you think embodies the essence of Valentine’s Day 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Image Source: Flickr/Peter Pham via Creative Commons

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Valentine’s Day 2017 Special: 4 TV Couples That Made You Feel All Sorts of Things

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