This Unique Scene From the Comics May Happen in Marvel’s The Defenders

The Defenders
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If Charlie Cox had his way, a unique scene from the Daredevil comics wold translate into the small screen for The Defenders. The scene features both his character and Mike Colter’s.

Cox plays Matt Murdock whose alter ego is Hell’s Kitchen’s resident hero, Daredevil. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Cox reveals how he did his research for the upcoming team-up series, The Defenders.

The actor also explained how he wasn’t a comic book fan before being cast in the role. Hence, in preparing for The Defenders, he picked up a Defenders comic. He consequently shared how surprised he was to find out that Daredevil nor the other Netflix Defenders were actually on the comic.

Entertainment Weekly quotes him as saying, “I actually went and purchased an issue. And then when I realized [Daredevil wasn’t in it], I went… ‘Huh.'”

True enough, the original characters from the comics include the likes of Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Namor, and Silver Surfer. With this, Cox instead turned to other comic books that feature an interaction between Daredevil and the other Netflix heroes.

The scene Charlie Cox wants in The Defenders

In terms of the scene Cox wanted for the small screen, he tells EW “There are some fantastic moments in the Daredevil series with Jessica Jones, with Luke Cage, with Iron Fist. […] one of my favorite images is from a Daredevil issue with Luke Cage and Daredevil on a rooftop eating cheeseburgers.”

Cox goes on to say he loved that scene. EW further notes that eating cheeseburgers could be The Defenders‘ version of that shawarma scene from The Avengers end credits.

Still, although the scene looks promising, it seems unlikely. According to an article from Screen Rant, it’s possible Cage and Murdock won’t even get along given their different personalities.

At this point, there’s no way to know how each Defender would interact with one another. Details on the upcoming show are under wraps.

Fans will find out what happens when The Defenders premieres on Netflix later in the year. Aside from Cox, the superhero team-up also stars Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage and Finn Jones as Iron Fist.

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Image Source: Twitter/TheDefenders

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This Unique Scene From the Comics May Happen in Marvel’s The Defenders

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