Twin Peaks Revival Premiere: ‘It Will Be 18 Unforgettable Hours’

Twin Peaks revival
Twin Peaks revival

Twin Peaks revival is finally coming! The new Showtime show is set to have a two-hour premiere four months from now.

Showtime president David Nevins announced the premiere date of Twin Peaks at the network’s Television Critics Association winter press tour. The Showtime exec also offered details about the upcoming show except for its plotline.

Nevins revealed that the show will consist of 18 episodes. “It will be 18 unforgettable hours,” Nevins said. After the first two episodes, the succeeding two will be available in Showtime’s digital platform. Episode 5 and so on will then air weekly.

Twin Peaks is ABC’s new adaptation of David Lynch’s 1990s cult series. In the new show, fans will see some familiar faces. Twin Peaks revival will feature an original cast member Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.  Several other stars from the original series will also join MacLachlan, Deadline notes.

As for the second season, Nevins did not rule out the possibility at all. However, he noted that the upcoming show is designed to be close-ended and a one-time event only.

Apparently, Lynch filmed the entire new season as a movie and then later cut the long script into episodes. The limited series started filming in September 2015 and was completed last April 2016.

Twin Peaks Plot

There has been a big secrecy on the plotline of the upcoming show. Nevins explained the reason behind the closely guarded plot of Twin Peaks revivalEntertainment Weekly reports.

“The thing about Twin Peaks, and this new version of Twin Peaks, is it rewards close watching. It was an original social media discussion show before the tools of fan engagement really existed. That’s one reason why David is so particular about secrecy,” he said.

Lynch also refused to divulge information when asked if the reboot would consist of a new storyline rather than a continuation of an old story.  The only hint he gave out is that the story of Laura Palmer’s last days in the original story will play an important part in the new show.

Moreover, fans should not expect a trailer for the new show as well. Nevins said that the viewers might see some scenes coming out but there will be no trailers that give away all the plot.

Mark your calendar for the premiere of Twin Peaks revival this coming May 21, 9 p.m. in Showtime.

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Image Source: Facebook: TwinPeaksOnShowtime

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Twin Peaks Revival Premiere: ‘It Will Be 18 Unforgettable Hours’

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