TV Pilots 2017 Scorecard: Shows to Watch Out For

TV pilots 2017
Television networks

Audiences can expect to have their viewing schedules full this year. The scorecard of TV pilots 2017 is fast becoming a tally of shows to be on the lookout for.

The season of TV pilots 2017 promises to be a hectic and frantic period. Aside from the traditional network wars, they all have to contend with the growing popularity of streaming services, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Hence, the arduous task of selecting which show to greenlight for a pilot as it takes into account its existing lineup of shows. Accordingly, the goal is to strike an ideal balance between the comedy and drama genres.

Comedy TV Pilots 2017

Without a doubt, comedies are popular. However, not all situational comedy series have what it takes to make people laugh. Hence, striking the right combination of cast and punchline is critical.

Perhaps, one of the most anticipated sitcoms to date is the revival of Will and Grace. NBC will bring back the long-running comedy series and its original cast in a straight to series order.

Several cast members dropped hints prior to the network confirmation. Thus, many fans are already looking forward to its ten new episodes.

Meanwhile, ABC scored the romantic sitcom Libby & Malcolm. Interestingly, it features two political experts from opposite sides. Despite their differences they find love and eventually form an insta-family, the logline for the series revealed.

Drama TV Pilots 2017

The choice of a drama series pilot is just as risky for a network as a comedy. To date, Deadline revealed that ABC has the most number of dramas picked up for the TV pilots 2017 season.

Although, it would seem audiences are eager for one drama in particular among its upcoming selections. Fans can expect the first episode of The Inhumans to premiere on September 26. The occasion is a major event as the network, along with Marvel Cinematic Universe and IMAX plan to showcase it in IMAX theaters worldwide.

Interestingly, The CW did not order any new dramas yet. Likely because it renewed many of its existing scripted series. In addition, upcoming shows for the network are already in the works.

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Image source: Wikipedia/ List of United States over-the-air television networks

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TV Pilots 2017 Scorecard: Shows to Watch Out For

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