Trump’s Victory Pushed for Big Changes in The Good Fight

The Good Fight
The Good Fight

President Donald Trump’s win in the last US elections has forced major changes in The Good Fight. Know what the changes are here.

Lead actress Christine Baranski revealed that the unexpected victory of Trump affected the show. She admitted that they had made major adjustments to align the story with the recent development.

“The presumption was that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and when I announced to the law firm that I’m retiring, my character [Diane Lockhart] actually says, ‘There are no more glass ceilings to break.’ I think that line will probably be deleted,” she told TVGuide.

The Good Fight is the spin-off of the hit CBS show The Good Wife. The upcoming series will follow the life of Diane after she loses all her money in a Ponzi scheme. She is forced to take a job with Lucca (Cush Jumbo) at an all African-American law firm, who view the incoming administration with anxiety.

The Good Fight executive producers Robert and Michelle King previously revealed to The New York Times that they overhauled 75 percent of their plans for the show after Trump won. In episode 1 alone, the Kings had to re-write scenes showing Diane retiring from her law firm following Hillary Clinton’s anticipated presidential victory.

Apparently, the show creators spent 11 hours to include a scene of Diane learning about Trump’s victory. Diane’s stunned reaction to Trump’s inauguration now serves as the opening to the show.

What to Expect in The Good Fight Season 1

Trump’s presidency will continue to fill in throughout the season. Actor Delroy Lindo teased, “There is one specific plot twist that has to do with somebody at my firm who has voted for Donald Trump.”

Moreover, Robert King said the show will not do typical crime cases every week since things are more political now. He also promised that the series will cover the fake news phenomenon and tackle the confusion between what is real and what is not.

Meanwhile, another new character that will be featured in the show is Barbara Kolstad (Erica Tazel). Sarah Steele will also reprise her role as Eli Gold’s daughter, Marissa, from The Good Wife.

The Good Fight will debut on February 19 at 8 p.m. in CBS before moving exclusively to CBS All Access. The show’s second episode will then debut the same night on the streaming service.

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Image Source: Facebook/TheGoodFightCBS

Video Source: YouTube/TV Guide

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Trump’s Victory Pushed for Big Changes in The Good Fight

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