What Happens in Travelers Season 2 as Netflix Renews Sci-Fi Series

Travelers season 2

Netflix recently confirmed that Travelers season 2 is coming. Where will audiences find the body-jumping time-trekkers next time?

The streaming service dropped another welcome surprise for its viewers. In addition to The OA season 2 renewal, Netflix also confirmed the arrival of Travelers season 2.

According to Deadline, the Travelers season 2 production starts in March. Canada’s Showcase intends to air it in October.

Meanwhile, Netflix reportedly plans to stream it to the rest of the world before the holidays according to Variety. Thankfully, the renewal puts to rest earlier fears of its cancellation.

What to Expect in Travelers Season 2

The sci-fi series happens hundreds of years into the future when the means to send the consciousness of a person into the past is possible. Hence, the ability of the body-snatching time travelers to carry out their mission.

Writer/producer Brad Wright, who created Travelers, is known for his works in the genre on the small screen. Some of his notable works include Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and SGU.

Hence, Travelers might be similar to the franchise in some ways. However, Wright added a twist to the time travel concept. This could be the reason for the mission of the team to save humanity from a bleak tomorrow.

Yet it would seem the same mission creates a dilemma for them, hence their realization of how their actions altered the future. This awareness is what they will deal with in Travelers season 2.

Meet the Travelers Season 2 Cast

It is likely the Travelers season 2 actors remain the same from season 1. Hence, fans can happily expect to see Eric McCormack back in character as the Traveler-inhabited FBI special agent Grant MacLaren. The actor spoke highly of the sci-fi series as well as the cast and production team.

“I’m as proud of Travelers as any show I’ve ever been part of. And I’m blown away by this extraordinary young cast as any group of actors I’ve ever worked with. That the entire team is Canadian is icing on the cake, which makes my friend, Brad Wright, the cherry on top,” McCormack said.

Fans also need not doubt his commitment to the Will & Grace reboot as the schedules for both productions are in order. Along with McCormack for the time-traveling series are Marcy Warton (MacKenzie Porter), Carly Shannon (Nesta Cooper), Philip Pearson (Reilly Dolman) and Trevor Holden (Jared Abrahamson). Patrick Gilmore (David Mailer) is also part of the main cast. His plays the role of a social worker managing the case of Marcy.

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Image source: Twitter/Eric McCormack

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What Happens in Travelers Season 2 as Netflix Renews Sci-Fi Series

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