Timeless Season 2 Could Find Flynn in Some Form of Detention

Timeless season 2

The twist of the season 1 finale could be enough reason to justify Timeless season 2. Moreover, it promises to be tense as Flynn could find himself in custody.

The fate of Timeless season 2 remains unknown to date despite its recent finale telecast last February 20. Alas, many consider there is only a slim chance for its renewal.

Nonetheless, Timeless series creators Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan do not seem too worried. Indeed, it would appear they already know the potential conflict for season 2 according to TV Line.

Timeless Creators Talk About Season 1 Finale

The finale brought on a major twist to the story as it revealed the truth behind Carol (Susanna Thompson), Lucy’s (Abigail Spencer) mom. Apparently, this was the plan of Kripke and Ryan from the start.

As it turns out, Carol is a member of Rittenhouse. Moreover, she has a significant role in the organization. Indeed, she supposedly outranks Ben Cahill.

The twist answers one of the burning questions raised by The Wrap about the series if Lucy’s mom is super evil. Consequently, the source is hopeful Timeless season 2 episodes would shed more light on her character’s involvement with Rittenhouse.

Fate of Flynn in Timeless Season 2

Apart from Carol, Timeless season 2 spoilers from the creators hint at what happens to Flynn (Goran Višnjić). The season ender showed a short-lived peace between him and Lucy.

At their arranged secret meeting, Flynn would return the journal Lucy gave him before while she would give him the names of his family’s killers. However, Agent Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey) swooped in to arrest him.

Interestingly, Flynn’s possession of the diary would suggest the existence of a third timeline. Moreover, it implies the presence of other time travelers aside from Flynn and the Time Team.

“The reason we ended Flynn in that position was because we wanted to just continue and deepen and escalate the same relationships we had been playing and just take them to a whole new level,” Kripke explained. He added:

“Flynn, when we find him in Season 2, I don’t know 100 percent yet, but you can probably bet that he’s going to be in some kind of incarceration, and he’s going to be really f–king pissed at Lucy. And yet, he is going to be one of the few people suited to being able to fight whatever threats they face in Season 2. So it’ll be uneasy and uncertain.”

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Image source: Twitter/Timeless

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Timeless Season 2 Could Find Flynn in Some Form of Detention

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