Timeless Season 1: This Supernatural Actor is Set to Crossover in the Series’ Final Episodes

Timeless Season 1

Timeless season 1 will be ending with a Supernatural actor crossing over.

Supernatural actor Jim Beaver is set to appear in the last three episodes of Timeless season 1. Reports said that despite Jim Beaver’s exit on Supernatural, fans still get to see him in the time-travelling series.

Timeless season 1 will feature Jim Beaver as NSA Agent Neville. He will come to Mason Industries to “lock horns” with Agent Christopher (Sakin Jaffrey), TV Line said.

Timeless Season 1 Finale to Reveal Dark Secret?

According to NBC boss Eric Eric Kripke, Neville will play a big part in the Timeless season 1 ending.

He is said to be “harboring a dark secret.”

Eric Kripke first mentioned this new setup through Twitter. He hinted that “a certain old friend will be joining” Timeless.

“I refuse to make a TV show that doesn’t have Jim Beaver in it,” Kripke said. “He vastly improves everything I write.” Reports say that Jim Beaver and Eric Kripke have worked together before on Revolution.

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Supernatural Season 12 Will No Longer See Bobby Singer

Meanwhile, the Supernatural actor has been hinting that fans might not be get to see his character in the season 12 of Supernatural. His character, Bobby Singer, has been dead since Supernatural season 7, Screener TV said.

The Supernatural actor, who played as a seasoned hunter the CW series, took a bullet so he could protect his family. However, the man still gets to return as ghost to look over the Winchester boys. Jim Beaver has hinted this through a tweet.

“Starting to get a sick feeling that this will be the first season ever that I’m not in Supernatural.” – Jim Beaver on Twitter

Fans would also love to see an interaction on Bobby and Mary. Jim Beaver meanwhile nodded on the suggestions.

“Bobby & Mary scenes. That would be cool. I LOVE , would love to work w/her. Hmm. Anyone else notice Dean’s resemblance to BS?” -Jim Beaver on Twitter

Though we may not able to see Jim Beaver on Supernatural season 12, we can still see him on Timeless season 1 for its finale! Reports hinted that he will be in the final three episodes of Timeless.

Timeless Season 1 airs on January 16 on NBC at 10/9c.  Supernatural season 12 airs on CW on January 26.

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Timeless Season 1: This Supernatural Actor is Set to Crossover in the Series’ Final Episodes

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