Tiger Millionaire Takes on Pro Wrestling in Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 19

Steven Universe season 4 episode 19
Steven Universe

Tiger Millionaire returns in Steven Universe season 4 episode 19. Yet it seems Steven’s alter ego might not be as cruel as before because of the title Tiger Philanthropist.

Steven Universe season 4 episode 19 airs on March 3. The Cartoon Network animated series previously focused on Ronaldo. This time around, the story will focus on Steven. Apparently, Tiger Millionaire as well.

As it turns out, Tiger Philanthropist is about Steven trying out pro wrestling as his alter ego Tiger Millioniare. Yet as always speculations on what it actually is about are overwhelming.

Predictions for Tiger Philanthropist

According to Enstarz, fans of Steven Universe are likely to see some action in the ring from Steven’s wrestling persona Tiger Millionaire. This is certainly a change since he hardly fought in previous episodes. Apparently, his tag team partner the Purple Puma–aka Amethyst–took care of it.

Hence, fans would likely be excited to watch Steven Universe season 4 episode 19 to see what techniques Tiger Millionaire will use to beat his challengers. However, predictions for Tiger Philanthropist on Reddit offer another spin on the story.

Reddit User BATMANWILLDIEINAK shared a list of what fans can possibly expect. Moreover, it would seem other users concur with it.

1. No return of Purple Puma
2. No return of Smoky Quartz
3. No Corrupted Jasper.
4. A character that the fanbase hates will return.
5. The episode will still be good in spite of the above. But fans will trash it because its “filler” and because it isn’t what they expected.

Recent Steven Universe season 4 spoilers recently teased about the possible return of Jasper. The character has yet to return to the CN series after coming out of the fused version with Lapis Lazuli. However, a number of Reddit users do not foresee Jasper getting healed or appearing anytime soon in Steven Universe season 4.

Another Hiatus Expected After Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 19

According to Mobile & Apps, there is a growing concern among fans about another hiatus happening after the Steven Universe season 4 episode 19 air date. Apparently, the IMDB page for the Cartoon Network series does not show any details beyond March 3.

The show often takes long breaks in between episodes. Hence, the possibility.

However, there are only a few more episodes left to go before the season finale. Will fans have to wait until June to get their next fix of Steven Universe season 4 episodes?

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Image source: Facebook/Steven Universe

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Tiger Millionaire Takes on Pro Wrestling in Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 19

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