This Is Us Spoilers Point to An Emotional Flashback Featuring Dr. K

This Is Us spoilers
This Is Us

This Is Us spoilers show the return of Dr. K in a flashback likely to bring fans to tears.

The latest round of This Is Us spoilers offers a sneak peek at its upcoming episode titled The Big Day. Apparently, it is a throwback to the time of the triplets’ birth date, E! News reports.

At the same time, the episode looks into the story behind one particular character who has become a fan favorite. Finally, audiences get to know more about Dr. K.

This Is Us spoilers give insight into Dr. K

Dr. K endeared himself to audiences since the first episode of This Is Us TV series. At the time, he played a key role in the lives of couple Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) Pearson.

Yet while he was there to see the couple through the birth, he had his own struggles to deal with. As it turns out, he was still dealing with the death of his wife. Indeed, his struggle to move on is apparent given his reaction to his son and daughter-in-law’s encouragement to start dating.

Dr. K considered his wife Caroline as his life. So, regardless of how long she had been gone from his life, it appears he does not see the need to date based on This Is Us spoilers episode 12.

Jack and Rebecca Couple Mirrors Dr. K Marriage

Perhaps, the marriage of Jack and Rebecca Pearson could mirror the bond between Dr. K and his departed wife. Indeed, the characters played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, respectively, gives everyone relationship goals to aspire.

Yet it appears their rapport as a couple on camera extends to real-life. The actress certainly had nothing but praise for her on-screen husband whom she described as a special guy.

“He’s such a special guy, it’s really not hard to have to just love him. I feel very safe I feel very like, protected with him,” Moore told Entertainment Tonight.

“I’ve never really felt that with somebody I’ve worked with before, so I feel incredibly lucky every day to just have this job, but then to get to work with him every day, too. I know I’m in good hands,” she added.

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Image source: Facebook/NBCThisIsUs

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This Is Us Spoilers Point to An Emotional Flashback Featuring Dr. K

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