The Walking Dead Season 7’s Second Part to Be More Pleasant; Negan May Finally Meet His Match

The Walking Dead

Many would agree that The Walking Dead Season 7A was more violent than ever before. However, fans can perhaps take a sigh of relief since Andrew Lincoln teased that the second half will be less bleak in comparison.

Chain of Gloomy Events in Season 7A

Viewers following The Walking Dead know how Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) got mercilessly beaten down by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the bad guy of the show. And who can forget Daryl’s condition when he spent an entire episode without a stitch on his body? The audience just could not help sympathizing with the poor guy as he sobbed after being tortured.

According to TV Guide, it appeared to be a hopeless situation for the Grimes team and some of the episodes were quite claustrophobic. However, come mid-season finale and things changed for the better. It was good to see Rick getting back his gun and his guts too.

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TWD Second Half Promises Brighter Events

And now it appears that Season 7B will be a complete contrast to the first half of the season. At least that is what Lincoln feels about the upcoming episodes.

The actor was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly when he said, “There’s a lot more levity, if you can believe that, than you’ve ever seen before in Mr. Grimes.” Though it is doubtful whether the show will have any lighthearted moments going forward, but perhaps Lincoln feels that Rick will come out of his submissive mode as far as Negan is concerned.

The actor did say that he loved being involved in many episodes. He is also fond of all those episodes in which he appeared by his own admission.

It is interesting to note that last year during the same time Lincoln expressed his distaste for the script of Season 6 finale episode. So, it appears that there will be a significant and pleasant change.

Viewers can tune into The Walking Dead Season 7B on Sunday, February 12 on AMC.

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The Walking Dead Season 7’s Second Part to Be More Pleasant; Negan May Finally Meet His Match

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