The Walking Dead Season 7B Return Features Rick and the Gang in New Trouble

The Walking Dead Season 7B
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 7B will be returning on Sunday and fans must get ready for what is about to hit their small screens. It seems like the second half’s premiere will hit the ground running by bombarding Rick and the gang with new troubles.

According to Deadline, Carl, Michonne, Rick Grimes, Jesus and the Survivors are in a road trip of sorts when they encounter a situation on the road. The recent sneak peak showed a partial glimpse on what’s to come for the second half of the season.

Series showrunner Scott Gimple shared that season 7’s first eight episodes may have been empty for the viewers. However, Gimple said to hang on because the change people are expecting will pop out later in the season.

The 45-year-old veteran writer explained that season 7A is actually about the viewers and cast, making it through the heartbreaking moments. Also, it was about finding a reason to move forward. TV Line reported that Rick and company were happy by the end of episode 8.

The Walking Dead Season 7B Joyful Rebellion

Meanwhile, Gimple also hinted that behind the season’s story is a joyful rebellion. He explained:

“They are able to finally do something, stand up for the right thing. It is like they had been asleep or just caught in stasis or anger or despondency. Some of them have been full-on trapped in a cell, listening to ‘Easy Street’ on repeat! That is not happening for them right now.”


However, there is no reassurance that the characters will be safe. As per the showrunner, the only way for these characters to develop is to go through different struggles. Despite this, he considers all of them as heroes.

In addition, Gimple pointed out that the show’s viewers are heroes as well. They will be included in the journey and he shared that soon enough, fans will feel the energy of being able to do something for the show.

Showrunner Scott Gimple on Season 7B

The season 7B premiere will see Rick’s attempt to rally. This is in support of the revolt against Negan. Unfortunately, Gimple warns that the rest of the season is not without tears and terrors. On a brighter side, viewers may get to see Rick’s incredible smile.

It remains a mystery if Rick is ready to take action despite the injuries that he experienced. One significant thing that he always wanted is to see people around him survive. Sadly, they had to face the circumstances individually and no one knows what their fate will be.

The Walking Dead season 7B airs on February 12. Stay tuned for more updates on the series.

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The Walking Dead Season 7B Return Features Rick and the Gang in New Trouble

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