The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers Reveal The Reason Why Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln Hated 7A

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers
The Walking Dead

Fans heard Norman Reedus complaining lately about The Walking Dead season 7 spoilers along with Andrew Lincoln who described it as a painful season. Read ahead on what these two actors have to say about season 7A.

For seven years, Reedus has never been this vocal about his insight towards the series. But not until the working conditions have put him into undesirable circumstances, the actor immediately expressed his disagreement when they filmed season 7’s first half. According to Entertainment Weekly, he said:

“I did not even see anybody. I was in a hole by myself, naked. It just did not feel right to me. I would talk to Gimple and I would  be like, ‘Man, this sucks. I hate this.’ And he would be like, ‘You are supposed to.’ I am like ‘Oh, there you go.”

The actor shared that he expressed his concerns about the first eight episodes straight to their showrunner. Despite this, Reedus still agreed to what Gimple said – that things are supposed to go that way. Though it was quite frustrating for him because he felt isolated, the process will definitely make the reunion special.

On the other hand, Lincoln did not like TWD season 7A as well more than Reedus as he has been miserable the whole time. He said in another report:

“I told you this already, but this was such a painful season until that point. That was the highlight of the first half of the season for me. I came back home after two days of being drenched in sweaty, zombie-filled waters, and my wife said, ‘You look happy for the first time.”

But in the end, he explains that it was a fun episode he shared with the crew and the cast. After all, Lincoln also said that people behind the show are continuously looking for ‘inventive’ ways to kill the major characters.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers Hints Extreme Sadness

Obviously, one significant issue that Reedus faced was keeping him away from the cast. While Reedus’ role as Daryl Dixon has experienced many undesirable things recently, he was gladder that the group is now together.

Moreover, Lincoln also explained that his character Rick Grimes has kept his mouth shut for a long time. But now, with everything he has done for the first half of season 7, it has been a complete turn around from who he was in the previous installments.

After the premiere of season 7A, the ratings of the show noticeably dropped. Despite several excellent factors, it was pointed out that viewers also experienced the extreme sadness felt by earlier mentioned actors.

Furthermore, more The Walking Dead season 7 spoilers will be revealed once details are available. Fans will soon find out if the series can even get any happier.

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Image Source: Facebook/ The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers Reveal The Reason Why Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln Hated 7A

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