The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Major Character Dies In 7B; Mysterious Promo Images Released

The Walking Dead Season 7
The Walking Dead Season 7

Fans of The Walking Dead season 7 must prepare themselves for the surprises in store for them in the upcoming part two of the season. Will another major character die soon?

AMC has recently shared another array of bizarre and cryptic images, which seem to be taken from The Walking Dead season 7 part two. Vanity Fair shared some mysterious  photos from the second half of the new season.

Mysterious Images Hint Death

The publication states that the mysterious photos include a dynamite, grave, which seemed to be made for an upcoming dead person. A bloody hand print, rubber ducks, a bucket, some peanuts and cantaloupes were also seen. The freshly-dug grave had a pile of dirt beside it. It seems like someone is preparing for a dead body of one of the major characters.

Rumors have been making rounds that a member of Rick’s group will be dying, as they prepare to go to war against the Saviors and Negan. These speculations after Negan proved he can kill any characters in the show whether it is a mainstay or not, especially after he killed Glenn and Abraham.

Comicbook reports the identity of the possible victim that is will die is Sasha. The news suggested that Sasha’s character seemed to have started wrapping up, because she is beginning to act in a sacrificial manner for her friends.

In the meantime, the publication added that even if Sasha’s life is in danger, it would be hard for the producers and creators of TWD to kill Sasha right away.  They always like the fans to wonder about the possible next death. Perhaps, Sasha will not be dying anytime soon.

Things reportedly seem not good for Sasha, if the show runners chooses to follow the story in the comics. In the comics, Abraham’s lover Holly will die.The report also insisted that the grave seems to be too small for Sasha’s body. Fans are now thinking if the grave is for a member of the Saviors, as they battle with Rick’s group.

The Walking Dead season 7 returns for its second part on February 12 at 9 p.m. ET on the AMC network.

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Image Source: Facebook/The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Major Character Dies In 7B; Mysterious Promo Images Released

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