The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers and Major Changes Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers
The Walking Dead Season 7

The Walking Dead season 7 spoilers hint that production behind the show decided to lie low a bit in their forthcoming episodes. With a not-so-good comeback last year due to excessive violence, producers decided to make major changes. Adding on, Lennie James talks about his character, the show’s return, and what fans should expect.

Producer Talks Major Changes

According to Variety, the producers of The Walking Dead season 7 “toned down” the upcoming episodes of the zombie apocalypse series. This decision came after the backlash they received in the first half of the seventh season.

Reports noted that the death scene of the two fan-favorites, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) had a bad effect on the show.

It created a big impact on the Internet as it became the talk of the town. More so, The Parents Television Council branded it as “graphically violent.” The critics released the following statement.

“Last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead was one of the most graphically violent shows we’ve ever seen on television, comparable to the most violent of programs found on premium cable networks. … This brutally-explicit show is a powerful demonstration of why families should have greater control over the TV networks they purchase from their cable and satellite providers.”

Due to the negative reviews, the executive producers of the AMC series decided to lie low in the aspect of showing violence to the viewers. Gale Anne Hurd, one of the EPs, noted in her interview that they were able to see the feedback on the level of violence in their show. Hence, they are responding by toning the violence down. 

Hurd also admitted that this feedback made a big impact on the production team. She noted that the show is not “torture porn” and they will make sure to not “cross that line.”

Lennie James Talks The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers

In James’ interview with NME, the actor revealed that they are preparing for a war. He even noted that the war takes a couple of years.

I don’t know how long that’s going to pan out in the television series, but it goes on for a while in the comics,” the actor said. It remains to be seen how that pans out.

Adding on, the “second block” of the season will be about meeting other characters, the protagonists. There are also certain events that will lead others to decide which side they are going to take.

“… nothing’s going to move in a straight line. But one of the things that’s inevitable is that we’re heading to war.”

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers and Major Changes Revealed

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