The Walking Dead May Return with Spy from New Community

The Walking Dead Season 7
The Walking Dead Season 7

While the mid season finale of The Walking Dead Season 7 ended with a cliffhanger, it was not as ghastly as speculating about Negan’s victims when Season 6 ended. Viewers are wondering which character could be spying on Alexandria Safe-Zone with the binoculars.

Meanwhile, fans have different opinions on the possible identity of the character. Some feel it could be Dwight Howard while others are of the view that it can be a member of the Oceanside community.

Other Theories about Spy’s Identity on The Walking Dead Season 7

But the Spoiler Dead Fans have come out with an interesting theory about who the person can be. They feel that the character creeping on Alexandria, Aaron and Rick. Chances are the character has not been seen by the viewers previously.

According to comicbook, they also believe that the culprit could be belonging to a new group. They have referred to them as the Garbage Pail Kids. These fans feel that it is a group that will constitute a new group of characters when the hit popular drama returns.

Viewers are aware that many other groups have been introduced in the previous 16 episodes.  Some of them include  Oceanside, Hilltop, Kingdom and Saviors. The character keeping a tab on Alexandria could be portrayed by Sabrina Gennarino.

Gennarino was recently seen in the sequel of the Jack Reacher. Speculations are rife that her character will be called Tamiel and she will hold an influential position in the Garbage Pail Kids group.

Reasons for Dip in Viewership Rating

Yahoo News reported that though the show belongs to the genre of a horror survival drama, it enjoys excellent viewership rating. This is despite the fact that there has been a drop in its viewership ever since the seventh season started.

Some cite the show’s extreme violence in Episode 1 to be one of the major reasons for staying away from the series. Too many cliffhangers could be a reason too for the dip in the show’s recent ratings,

There were others who could have got irritated because some characters took dumb decisions in Season 6’s finale episode. But come what may be, The Walking Dead Season 7 has had its share of loyal followers.

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Image Source: Facebook/The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead May Return with Spy from New Community

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