The Walking Dead vs Game of Thrones: Which Has Higher Body Count?

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are undoubtedly two of the most popular shows on television today. Both shows are known for their compelling storylines and special effects, but how do they stack up against each other when it comes to character deaths?

It is inevitable for deaths to occur in the two series. After all, the HBO powerhouse is set in a fictional medieval world where the fight for the Iron Throne is on. Meanwhile, the zombie apocalypse has not only decimated the population in the popular AMC show, but it has also redefined the concept of survival.

This has led numerous viewers to wonder which of the two shows has a higher body count. Luckily, Wetpaint has broken down some of these figures. Bear in mind though that they only covered seasons 2 to 5.

The Walking Dead vs Game of Thrones Body Count

It appears that when it comes to the deaths of main characters, Game of Thrones has outkilled The Walking Dead, 19 to 13. This is hardly surprising, given the infamous beheading of Ned Stark in Season 1. While the zombie show has killed off important characters, the first major casualty happened late in the second season.

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The HBO show has also outstripped its counterpart when it comes to side character deaths at 44 to 35. But most fans would agree that both shows have given minor characters some good deaths. Think Shireen Baratheon, Mance Ryder, Dale Horvath and Merle Dixon.

Game of Thrones also won over its rival when it came to background character deaths. As the category implied, viewers know nothing about these characters. They are just in the background and in the show for the sole purpose of being killed.

However, when it comes to non-human character deaths, nothing can beat The Walking Dead. The zombie show has killed off at least a thousand of the undead, compared to the 95 assorted non-human victims (Children of the Forest, wights, giants) of the fantasy series. The two shows still have several seasons ahead of them though, so there is no question that Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead will continue to add to their body count.

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The Walking Dead vs Game of Thrones: Which Has Higher Body Count?

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