The Walking Dead BTS Teases Uprising When Season 7 Return

The Walking Dead season 7
The Walking Dead Season 7


The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere has become the most highlighted episodes of the entire season. Not only that, because it was also one of the most iconic events in the series.

According to Comic Book, season 7 premiere was best known for its horrible violence. In line with this is the death of Glenn and Abraham that obviously requires a lot from the visual effects team.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

Greg Nicotero executive produced and directed Season 7’s episode 1. Titled The Day Won’t Come When you Won’t be, Nicotero with the entire cast and crew created an hour of TV episode that cannot be easily forgotten.

Meanwhile, they recently showed some behind the scenes of season 7. Actor Andrew Lincoln explained that everything people have learned and lived through has been reinvented. “Negan continually senses that Rick (Lincoln) might not be onboard with his way of life. Rick is not going to back down,” Nicotero adds.

In addition, it has been pointed out that one of the main reasons why the premiere episode became the talk of the town is Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) choice to leave Rick with his life. Morgan explained how one would think that killing two of Rick’s people would have done it. Unfortunately, it did not.

Negan did not kill the man who posed so much threat to him and his Saviors group. Instead, he decided to break down and make an example out of him. Another EP named Gale Ann Hurd shared that Negan actually loves breaking people.

Uprising in Season 7

Moreover, Travelers Today reported an upcoming uprise as Negan and The Saviors continue to use the favorite survivors. Rick, along with his people will start recruiting people to fight against the group. The series’ heroes are nothing but desperate to gain their freedom.

The community must unite in order to win against the oppressive group. In the end, fans may agree that it would be a great pay off for Rick and his team to achieve freedom after Negan and The Saviors took their weapons and supplies. Furthermore, The Walking Dead Season 7 returns on Feb. 12, 2017.

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Image Source: Facebook/The Walking Dead

Video Source: YouTube/Trevschan2

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The Walking Dead BTS Teases Uprising When Season 7 Return

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