The Voice UK Coach Tom Jones Commented on Contestant’s Weight

The Voice UK Coach Tom Jones
The Voice UK Coach Tom Jones

The Voice UK Coach Tom Jones created a slur after he allegedly commented on former winner Leanne Mitchell’s weight. The veteran singer reportedly said that Mitchell could have trimmed down a bit when she first participated in the reality show in 2012.

The Voice UK Coach Tom Jones Under Fire

Jones was Mitchell’s mentor back in 2012. Although she won the competition, she had no luck with the charts. Mitchell even admitted back in 2013 that she did not have a word with her mentor for months.

According to Jones, Mitchell lacked the drive. He also said that the first time she appeared, he thought she needed to trim down.

“When she first came on, I thought about her trimming down a bit,” he said, the Yahoo News quoted. “Leanne had gotten comfortable singing in this holiday camp and she’d put on some weight. Rather than take the opportunity of winning The Voice and a having chance of getting a record deal, which she did, she put on more weight. She didn’t have the drive.”

He added, “It didn’t seem like she grabbed hold of it with both hands and say ‘This is my chance’.”

Jones has also clearly displeased the eating disorder groups. One of the groups told the Mirror that it would sack the Jones if it was up to them. The group added that such behavior is not expected of someone who has been selected to mentor upcoming talents.

Una Healy Criticizes Tom Jones for His Comments

Healy slammed Jones for his comments on Mitchell and branded it as “silly.” According to her, weight has nothing to with success in singing.

“Music success has got nothing to do with your weight,” she said. “How much you weigh won’t affect your drive. “”Everyone will put on weight at some point. It’s no reason not to do well.” Healy is a judge on the Irish version of The Voice, Mail Online the reported.

However, according to an ITV source, The Voice UK Coach Tom Jones was only talking about grasping an opportunity and did not mean to offend anyone. The show returned on British TV on January 7, with Jones as one of the judges.

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Image Source: Instagram/ The Voice UK


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The Voice UK Coach Tom Jones Commented on Contestant’s Weight

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