The Voice Season 12 Teaser Unveiled; Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys Return

The Voice season 12
The Voice season 12

Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be returning to The Voice season 12. A trailer for the upcoming season has already been released, which shows the four coaches together.

A report from Hollywood Life shared that the teaser for The Voice season 12 has been released. Gwen Stefani will be sitting down with her beau, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys in the next season. Miley Cyrus opted out for the next part of the show because of other projects.

The Voice season 12 Teaser Unveiled

The teaser showed Shelton carrying his guitar as he entered Keys’ room. The If I Ain’t Got You singer was seen reading a magazine about herself while sitting on a red chair. Stefani was  wearing a mesh shirt paired with red lips, as she stood in her room. Levine was seen banging out drums, which gave an impression that he was the rocker of the team.

Stefani was also seen in the kitchen preparing a smoothie, while Shelton and Levine sipped the drinks, as she grabbed something in the closet. Keys and Stefani were seen jamming on a DJ equipment, when Keys played  it and Stefani held a disk. In the last part, Carson Daly entered the home of the four coaches.

In season 11, Shelton’s team member, Sundance Head won the competition against Levine’s Billy Gilman. Rumors suggested that Levine and Shelton are  because of Shelton’s and Heads’ win.

Several reports suggested that the Don’t Wanna Know artist and Shelton are fighting because the country singer told Levine he was a loser. “Adam said that Blake had totally rigged it, and Blake told Adam that he was just a sore loser after the show wrapped,” the observer said. “Adam does not like losing, especially to Blake.”

The report further claimed that Levine did not congratulate the Came Here To Forget singer for he was trying to rub his win in everyone’s face. “The two are in constant competition with each other and always have been,” the observer stated. Fortunately, Gossip Cop debunked the entire story and unveiled that the two are in good terms.

As of now, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are yet to confirm the feud rumors. The Voice season 12 will be returning on February 2017.

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Image Source: Facebook/The Voice

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The Voice Season 12 Teaser Unveiled; Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys Return

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