The Voice Coach Blake Shelton Nervous About Gwen Stefani’s Return

The Voice
The Voice

Gwen Stefani will be returning to The Voice US season 12, which means she will be seen with her beau, Blake Shelton. The Sangria singer is allegedly nervous about Stefani’s return in the upcoming season of the hit TV series.

New reports suggest that Blake Shelton is apparently nervous about Gwen Stefani’s return in The Voice US season 12. Just like the fans, Shelton is also waiting for the arrival of the new installment to air.

Blake Shelton Worried About Gwen Stefani’s Comeback

A news from Rare Country suggests that Shelton looks forward to the new season because of Stefani. He is excited to work with his girlfriend once more. He admits that he had some concerns about working together at first.

“We were both nervous about it. [We wondered], ‘How is this going to work?” Shelton says. “But it brings a new level of competition to the show. Just when you think 12 seasons in it kind of is what it is, it is not anymore. With her and I in this relationship, it is so exciting! It truly is!”

Fans may recall that Stefani and Shelton’s relationship started after their divorce from Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert respectively. Stefani will be replacing Miley Cyrus in the upcoming season of the show. She will be coaching aspiring singers along with Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys.

Another report from Inquisitr suggests that Levine and Shelton are not on good terms. Levine allegedly started the feud after his contestant’s defeat in season 11. “Adam said that Blake had totally rigged it, and Blake told Adam that he was just a sore loser after the show wrapped,” an insider suggests.

“The two are in constant competition with each other and always have been,” adds the onlooker. “The fact that their contestants were up against each other as the final two really made for some serious backstage animosity.” The source shares that Levine does not like losing, especially when it comes to Shelton. However, the feud reports between the two coaches are yet to be confirmed.

NBC’s The Voice season 12 will be returning on Feb. 27.

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Image Source: Facebook/Gwen Stefani

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The Voice Coach Blake Shelton Nervous About Gwen Stefani’s Return

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