The OA Review: Why Netflix Picked an Annoyingly Interesting Series Again

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Netflix’s new TV series The OA will surely not get a nod in the Emmys, but it is disturbingly interesting to the point where you cannot stop talking about it.

Netflix just launched its newest mystery drama TV series. With its weird title, The OA comes with a strange plot and most likely an expected storyline.

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It is said that Netflix is not after the ratings, unlike other channels (ABC, Showtime, HBO, etc). The team behind the network is said to be known for picking up shows that are unlikely to be a big hit as the network is known for taking a risk in observing and experimenting on what its audience wanted to watch. This proves why the big bosses did not turn down The OA even though it clearly shouts the word “flop.”

What Made the Series Special?

When it comes to The OA storyline, it obviously has its weird way of entertaining the audience. The strange disappearance of a girl, Prairie Johnson, and how she seeks the truth behind her seven-year disappearance add up to what it seems like a retelling of a movie synopsis or crime detective shows out there.

But the thing is that what made this show special is how the creators formed the story and how they were able to produce such disturbing plot and characters while keeping the viewers curious and interested for more episodes.

The story revolved around the life of a blind girl named Prairie Johnson. She suddenly disappeared, and for seven years no one knew where she had been. When she came back, she had no recollection of what happened to her and how her sight was restored.

The plot then slowly unfolded the mystery of her disappearance. It was revealed that she was with a scientist and became a subject of an experiment. While she revealed her background story, she also asked for help to save other missing people who she claimed are also in the same situation.

Netflix’s The OA is not a series for everybody. But who knows, the show is still on its freshman year, and receiving mixed reviews usually happens. It might even have a cult following as time passes.

Watch The OA‘s trailer below. The OA aired on Dec. 16, Friday, on Netflix.


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Photo: YouTube| Netflix US & Canada

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The OA Review: Why Netflix Picked an Annoyingly Interesting Series Again

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