The OA Season 2 Renewal Confirmed, Creepy Teaser Announces Return

The OA season 2 renewal
The OA

Netflix recently guaranteed The OA season 2 renewal. What can fans expect from the mystery drama series when it returns?

It would seem the risk to take on an annoyingly interesting series once again paid off for Netflix. Indeed, The OA’s disturbing plot and characters made it stand out. The renewal comes despite the show is admittedly not a series for many.

Nonetheless, it managed to grab the interest of viewers from the start. Hence, fans are likely excited about news of The OA season 2 renewal.

Controversial Finale of Season 1

The season 1 finale of The OA raised controversy among viewers. Hence, it raised questions among many who wondered if what they watched was real. Then again, did Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling) make it all up in her mind?

Nonetheless, the showrunners clarified why the Movements are not an Interpretative dance as some thought. According to Marling, it was an expression without dialogue. Meanwhile, co-creator Zal Batmanglij thinks it is unfortunate for many to view it as a dance form.

Regardless, the finale likely accomplished what any show would want. In other words, it had the audience hooked and wanting for more. So what is next for the Netflix series?

Details of The OA Season 2 Renewal

The announcement for season 2 certainly promised that something creepy is ahead for fans. The sixteen-second teaser offered no dialogue.

Yet, Redditor Davidrozwod’s vigilance and knowledge of Braille revealed that the image at the start stands for survived. Hence, Business Insider surmised The OA season 2 renewal could focus heavily on the last words of the lead character during the finale.

Co-creator and lead star Brit Marling (Prairie Johnson) revealed their decision with Netflix to move ahead with The OA season 2 is largely due to the audience. Marling noted the varied reception to The OA season 1 with their debates, discussions, and fights because of its apparent appeal to them. Yet her words would hint the follow-up could pick up anywhere, according to Vulture.

“We always thought of it almost like books, and there could be many different volumes. In some ways, [part one] is a self-contained story. [But] the science-fiction, meta-fictional elements are open-ended so there can be a part two in which we can delve into those spaces,” Marling said.

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Image source: Facebook/TheOANetflix

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The OA Season 2 Renewal Confirmed, Creepy Teaser Announces Return

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