The Missing Season 2 Review: 3 Reasons Why People Love the Show

The Missing Season 2
The Missing

The Missing Season 2 had wrapped up in the UK in November, but the praises still keep coming. Fans of the crime drama even demand for Jean Baptiste to run for president. But aside from the detective, there are more things to love about this show.

Season 2 of The Missing saw French detective Julien Baptiste coming out of retirement. This is in order to look into an old kidnapping case when one of the victims reappeared. The season had so many secrets and shocking twists that fans had no recourse but to remain glued to their TV screens. Luckily, the season was able to wrap most of the mysteries up and laid the groundwork for The Missing Season 3.

So Many Things to Love in The Missing Season 2

As the Mirror pointed out, there is no question that one of the reasons why The Missing Season 2 was so good was Tcheky Karyo’s portrayal of Baptiste. The aging detective might be battling his own demons, but he was still as humane and determined as ever. As a matter of fact, viewers trust and love him so much that they want Baptiste to run for the French presidency.

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But Karyo is just one of the sublimely talented actors who populate the show. Keely Hawes was mesmerizing as Gemma Webster and showed that she had depth that her early roles did not show. Not surprisingly, David Morrissey’s portrayal of the enigmatic Sam Webster proved why he is one of Britain’s most bankable talents.

Another thing that worked in the show’s favor was the atmosphere. The Missing’s cinematography perfectly used Germany’s harsh landscape to evoke the tragedy of the kidnapping and the melancholy of the affected families. Baptiste and the Websters’ tense walk in the woods in the final episode was also one for the books.

The award-winning drama will be back for another season. Unfortunately for fans of the show, they would have to wait at least two years for it to return as writers Harry and Jack Williams are currently working on other projects.

Hopefully, Julien Baptiste will be well enough by the time The Missing Season 3 returns. The Missing Season 2 aired Wednesdays on BBC One.

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The Missing Season 2 Review: 3 Reasons Why People Love the Show

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