The Mick Kaitlin Olson Talks Experience and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Mick Kaitlin Olson
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The Mick Kaitlin Olson is like hitting two birds with one stone as she also appears in It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia. It seems like she enjoys both shows becoming her weekly TV gig as she talks about her experiences.

According to Fox News, Olson recently talked about her involvement with both shows during the Television Critics Association winter press tour. The 41-year-old actress shared how honored she is to be having two shows at once. However, she expresses some higher priorities other than doing her job.

“I really wanted to do this, but my kids are always my top priority. I have a full-time job like millions of women in America. So we are figuring it out,” says Olson. Meanwhile, both shows air on Monday and Tuesday nights.

In addition, the Finding Dory actress still cannot believe that she is appearing on two shows in a row. She calls it a dream because her loved ones could not be any more proud.

The Mick Kaitlin Olson on Being Mackenzie

In our previous reports, it has been revealed that The Mick gained the highest rating premiere as a comedy sitcomfor Fox. The series was the latest one to achieve it since New Girl in 2011. This success led to Fox network ordering four more episodes, which totals 17 episodes in the show.

Meanwhile, Olson plays the role Mackenzie Murphy a.k.a. Mickey. She portrays the role of a wild aunt who ended up taking care of her niece and nephews.

New Zealand Herald reported that Mickey’s sister has been arrested; this is why she had to look out for her kids Ben, Sabrina, and Chip. This is how she describes her character:

“She is definitely a person who is in control. But the thing that is so fun about this character is she is out of her element. And so she is constantly struggling to get back on top and win and figure this whole thing out,” Olson explained.

Moreover, her character Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not really different at all. Olson explained that like her, Mickey is also not the best person in making right decisions. Furthermore, watch The Mick Kaitlin Olson on Fox every Tuesday nights.

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Image Source: Facebook/The Mick
Video Source: YouTube/FOX

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The Mick Kaitlin Olson Talks Experience and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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