The Fosters Season 4 Spoilers: Jesus Still Fighting for His Life

The Fosters season 4 spoilers
The Fosters season 4

The Fosters season 4 spoilers reveal Jesus is not out of trouble yet. It appears his condition continues on the series’ return.

Fans of The Fosters witnessed the fight between Jesus (Noah Centineo) and Nick (Louis Hunter) before season 4 went on a hiatus. Indeed, the outcome was frightful after Jesus received a blow to the head.

Hence, fans are undoubtedly concerned for his welfare. Alas, The Fosters season 4 spoilers hint he remains unconscious in the February 7 episode Dream a Little Dream, CarterMatt reports.

The Fosters Season 4 Spoilers Talk About Jesus’ Condition

Jesus is in the hospital and has yet to gain consciousness after his fight with Nick during the winter finale. In the midst of his unconsciousness, Jesus reportedly envisions an alternate universe where he would not be around to help his sister.

Things got physical between the two as Jesus became angry when he saw Nick near Mariana (Cierra Ramirez). Nick terrorized his sister throughout season 4. It even came to the point where Nick brought a gun to their school.

Despite his eventual apprehension, it would seem he still had a hold on Mariana. Hence, the unrelenting problems with her ex-boyfriend.

Unfortunately, executive producer Bradley Bredeweg has some sad news about Jesus’ condition. Thus, fans might want to brace themselves for it.

“After the big confrontation with Nick that led to Jesus getting knocked out, we spend the first two episodes in the hospital with Jesus and the Adams Foster family as they rally around him – because Jesus now faces the fight of his life, for his life,” Bredeweg told TV Guide.

Mariana’s Guilt

Filled with guilt at what happened to her brother, Mariana eventually comes clean about her misuse of ADD medication to her family. She confessed she used the drugs to help her overcome the pressures of young adulthood.

Regardless, the family will come together to help her defeat her addiction. Hence, the moms will see to it she gets all the support she needs including outside intervention.

Extra The Fosters Season 4 Spoilers

The Fosters season 4 spoilers reveal bigger problems for Callie (Maia Mitchell) when the series returns. As it turns out, the winter season could find her fighting for her own life.

However, unlike Jesus, Callie will find herself caught up in the justice and correctional system again thus, putting her own future at risk.

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Image source: Facebook/TheFostersTV

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The Fosters Season 4 Spoilers: Jesus Still Fighting for His Life

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