The Flash: Why Saving Iris West Is a Risk Worth Taking

The Flash

The Flash seems to have teased us with a plotline that will not be too easy to escape. Irish West’s possible death must not compromise the intended story for Season 3.

In earlier episodes of The Flash, Savitar told Barry Allen that one of his teammates will die. Unfortunately, for few minutes, Allen accidentally dropped himself to the future seeing Candice Patton’s Irish West death. In a few months, he discovered that the love of his life will be killed by Savitar.

Will Irish West Die in The Flash Season 3?

As expected, Barry Allen made it sure that her girlfriend will never see this demise. However, they must face the consequences of altering the future again, which is a major issue for Flash. But then again, it has to be dealt with.

Since the very start of this The CW franchise, Allen has been changing the future time and time again. He traveled back and forth through time space making an impact to different timelines. It changed events in a major way.

In Season 3 premiere, we saw how the Flashpoint arc went on. This alternate timeline resulted to the death of Cisco’s brother, John Diggle’s daughter Sarah became John and lastly, the unexpected “killerfrost” power of Caitlyn.

During the crossover episode titled Invasion, all these have been uncovered. And because of these results, Allen swore not to alter events again, Screener reported. But then, Iris’ future death happened.

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Why Barry Took the Risk

Meanwhile, one interesting fact here is that Allen does not want to change the past this time. It is the event that is about to happen. Unfortunately, this does not change the equation; several happenings in the current timeline will be altered again.

Moreover, not only Barry will be saddened by Irish’s possible death. Of course, viewers cannot accept that too. Candice Patton has played a pivotal role one cannot fathom.

After all, she is precious not only to Allen but to Team Flash, and in the West Family. Furthermore, fans must wait what lies ahead when The Flash Season 3 returns on Jan. 24, 2017.

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The Flash: Why Saving Iris West Is a Risk Worth Taking

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