The Exorcist Review: Series Took Something Old and Made It New

The Exorcist
The Exorcist

The Exorcist ended its first season the way most viewers expected it too, with Pazuzu seemingly defeated and Father Tomas finally accepting his calling. While there were no surprises in the ending, the series was able to keep things fresh. But is it enough to warrant another season?

The horror drama has been positioned as a sequel to the classic 1973 film. The series admittedly had big shoes to fill, even though it took some liberties with William Peter Blatty’s novel. But Fox’s gamble paid off, and the show received glowing reviews from critics and viewers alike.

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The show revolved around the Rance family as they struggled to stave off the demon Pazuzu’s possession of Angela. But the series was more than just an exorcism as it also showed the challenges that Father Tomas, Father Marcus and Brother Bennett faced daily. At some point, the show even attempted to expand its reach by introducing a plot involving the Pope.

The Exorcist Mixes Psychology with Demonic Possession

When it came right down to it, The Exorcist did not really show anything new. It was still about faith and family. But as the A.V. Club rightly pointed out, how these ideas were presented was what made it compelling to watch.

Aside from the usual religious symbolism, The Exorcist made clever use of creative visuals to explain the psychology of demonic possession. The segment showing Angela in her childhood bedroom being enticed by a slowly deteriorating manifestation of Pazuzu was an honestly chilling way of explaining how a demon might finally take over its host. There was also Father Tomas’ disturbing perception of the creature as it invaded his thoughts.

The show is not without its faults, though. A lot of fans were confounded with the seemingly banal way Simon just walked away, while others were disappointed that the show did not make full use of actor Bruce Davison’s talent.

Still the questions that the finale left behind are more than enough to fuel another season. The Exorcist last aired on Dec. 16, 2016, Sunday on Fox.

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The Exorcist Review: Series Took Something Old and Made It New

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