The Defenders Spoilers Reveal Luke Cage Will Serve as Mentor to Iron Fist

The Defenders spoilers
Marvel’s The Defenders

The Defenders spoilers discuss the relationships among the four superheroes on its roster.

Great interest is in the forthcoming Netflix TV series The Defenders. Indeed, it would be the first time the four characters come together in what is likely to be an epic mashup.

Fans recently met the arch nemesis of The Defenders. The actress chosen to play the character, Alexandra has already raised interest owing to the great enthusiasm of showrunner Marco Ramirez for Sigourney Weaver in the role.

Luke Cage Talks The Defenders Spoilers

In addition to the badass villain of the series, The Defenders spoilers point to an interesting bond between Luke Cage and Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. As it turns out, Cage is the mature one in the group while Rand is its newest member.

In the comic books, the two characters came together in Heroes for Hire as a crime-fighting duo. However, their dynamic on the small screen would have a variation from the paper version. Although to a certain extent, it still pays tribute to it.

“We definitely want to pay homage to the fanboys, but we want to make it make sense in this time period,” Colter told Entertainment Weekly.

“He’s [Danny] a young guy. There’s an exuberance that Iron Fist comes with that Luke Cage wants to temper a bit. It can’t help but have a wisdom-versus-youth quality… Danny comes out like a bull in a china shop in some ways, and I think Luke has seen the world and knows certain things. It’s a cool combination that’ll work out,” Colter added.

Jessica Jones Teases The Defenders Spoilers

Meanwhile, actress Krysten Ritter dropped more The Defenders spoilers. In a separate interview with EW, she dished about her relationship with Charlie Cox aka Daredevil.

In contrast to Luke Cage and Iron Fist who share a mentor-mentee bond, she likened her relationship to the Daredevil similar to a cat and mouse. However, it remains undetermined who plays which role.

As it turns out, no one on the team are best friends. Hence, she described the team’s union as a reluctant one.

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Image source: Facebook/Marvel’s The Defenders

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The Defenders Spoilers Reveal Luke Cage Will Serve as Mentor to Iron Fist

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