What to Expect from The Blacklist Redemption Premiere

The Blacklist Redemption premiere
The Blacklist Redemption

The Blacklist Redemption premiere is about to happen. The spin-off has some big shoes to fill. Hence, many want to know if it will live up to expectations or surpass it.

The Blacklist Redemption premieres February 23. The latest NBC TV series is an offshoot of the network’s popular drama thriller show.

As earlier reported, The Blacklist Redemption premiere focuses on Tom Keen who is played by Ryan Eggold. Interestingly, the character was supposed to be killed off The Blacklist. However, plans changed.

What Differentiates The Blacklist Redemption

When The Blacklist Redemption premieres, executive producer John Eisendrath assures viewers will see an obvious difference between it and The Blacklist, the Observer reported.

The Blacklist is a cop show in many ways. There are law enforcement stories. [Redemption] is a spy show. It’s an espionage thriller and that makes it a completely different animal. The stories we tell are different, and the places we go are different,” Eisendrath said. The producer elaborated:

“This show really is sexy and, yes, there is a sense of fun. We want it to be a big, explosive, wild ride.”

Then again, his fellow EP Jon Bokenkamp revealed a unique connection between the two shows. Apparently, Tom Keen will walk out of The Blacklist in episode 15 and enter into the new show. Hence, the two-hour block. The spin-off consists of eight episodes.

Sneak Peek at The Blacklist Redemption Premiere

The Blacklist Redemption premiere sneak peek shared by NBC for its latest drama series would reveal a more heartless character than Red Reddington (James Spader), TV Guide remarked.

The two-minute trailer showed Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen) at work questioning a likely informant. Well, questioning would be putting it lightly as the word torture would seem to be a better description of what she was doing.

Then again, the snippet could prove how effective Scottie is at her job as the head of an elite mercenary team albeit in a twisted manner. Indeed, she managed to get the name of the kidnapper without necessarily throwing the man off of the plane.

Tom Keen joins Scottie Hargrave’s team in the new series and follows their mission to right the wrongs in this world. Hence, they are willing to take on problems the government would not touch.

Are you already eager for a crossover between the two shows? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Image source: Facebook/The Blacklist: Redemption

Video source: YouTube/The Blacklist: Redemption

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What to Expect from The Blacklist Redemption Premiere

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